At Hassled to Happy Coaching I have worked with a variety of women who are starting or running their own business. All of my clients have come to me with some sort of problem or challenge in their lives or their business and I have worked with them to help them discover the solution. It is extremely rewarding to see how those solutions turn into positive results. Click on the titles to see what some of my HAPPY clients have to say…

Absolutely the right person to help working mums…

"Lisa is a very intuitive coach and instinctively seems to know what to pursue and what questions to ask in order to dig under and find the core issues holding me back. She works very flexibly and easily adapt when my needs have been different between sessions where sometimes I just want to gain clarity and make decisions as opposed to setting goals.

I have found working with Lisa very positive, reassuring and empowering not least of all because she demonstrates such incredible empathy and understanding in her approach. Lisa will help you get motivated to achieve those ambitions you have set yourself, and if you are confused and overwhelmed she will peel that away layer by layer helping you to discover and decide what you really want to do to move forward.

Working with Lisa absolutely exceeded my expectations because she were so instinctive about knowing what issues I needed to address that even when I really didn't know how to proceed in subsequent sessions she was able to guide me flawlessly in the right direction without being directional. I think this is because she has a deep understanding and empathy for my life circumstances and the issues that I face, and that this is because of her own background and is why you are absolutely the right person to help working mums."

Karen, Brighton


Running in circles…

"Before working with Lisa my whole life was running in circles, but never getting anywhere.  I was quite depressed with not knowing a way out. After my time with Lisa I have become organised and I can see light at the end of the tunnel.  I also know in my own mind things will only get better. So working with Lisa has had a positive impact on my life to which I will be eternally grateful."

Jane, Tamworth


Turning negative feelings into positive ones…

"Having had 12 months of regular sessions, I now look at my life totally different. I have learned to turn all my negative feelings, thoughts and actions into positive ones.  Lisa has guided me through some very difficult and personal situations, and at the end of every session I felt lifted, excited and overjoyed.

I have used relevant tools and exercises to keep me on track to meet my goals. I'm sure all the new skills I have learned will continue to benefit myself and others that are close to me.  Lisa has guided me back onto the right route to life."

Melanie, Birmingham


The power of the process…

"Working with Lisa was my first experience of being coached and although I had some idea what was involved I did not fully appreciate the power of the process until I experienced it firsthand.  I had six sessions with Lisa and was surprised by the amount of change I underwent during that time.

Coaching has helped me to realise some fundamental things about my approach to life, my personal ambitions and relationships with others, which has been transforming. Coaching has given me a greater sense of control over situations and this has had a direct and empowering impact.

Greater control over my feelings has made me feel more at ease with myself and the outcomes of my actions. It has also made me realise and focus my personal resources to achieve my dreams. Things that seemed remote and inaccessible now seem realistic and attainable. The overall result is I feel happier and equipped to face the challenge of creating the life that I want."

Nikki, Northampton


Finding solutions by simple methods…

"Before I had my coaching sessions, I was a very muddled up person. I had too much on my mind and did not cope well with difficult situations. My coaching sessions [with Lisa] have taught me how to digest problems and find solutions by simple methods. By simply adapting these methods I find my life is much more organised and my confidence has grown. I now feel Im a positive person with less stress on my mind."

Pat, Smethwick


Rebuilding my confidence in myself and my abilities…

"Having been a career girl, I spent 15 years in an environment where you are supported by a management network. I was trained to set goals, manage my time and measure results. Appraisal systems gave me the opportunity to recognise my strengths, identify my weaknesses and put in place a development plan to address them. There was always someone around to bounce ideas off, guide me when out of my depth and kick me up the backside if I was coasting!

When you give up work to become a full-time mum (the most challenging job that exists in my opinion!) or start your own business, as I am about to now embark on, that structure disappears and you are left floundering. Nobody teaches you how to be good parent and with cultural changes many couples live away from their families or grandparents is still working, so the traditional support network no longer exists.

After three years at home I found myself feeling isolated with my confidence zapped. It just doesn't occur to you to employ some of the techniques you have learned and apply them to your new situation. Coaching has provided me with a similar framework that I had at work, the difference being that you as the individual drive your own goals and desired outcomes whether it be personal or work related, and I have found it enormously helpful in rebuilding my confidence in myself and my abilities.

Apart from providing me with that supportive framework as described, coaching is helping me to challenge my negative belief system, and this could have the single biggest impact on ability to achieve my goals and my overall wellbeing. As a 'glass half full' person by nature I understand that this is an ongoing process and not an easy one, but as with all aspects of my coaching experience so far I have found it to be rewarding and achievable."

Justine, Derby


Regaining my self-belief…

"From the very first week the Confidence Course made an impact in my life. There were a couple of areas of my life in which I felt I needed more confidence. Firstly as a single parent you sometimes wonder if you are getting in right. I sometimes felt that if I spent more time with the children and less on my business I would be a better mum, but at the same time I needed to spend the time on my business and I think that's where the guilt can set in and you start to lose a little of the belief in yourself.

Lisa gave us a whole host of tools to use immediately and long term, that when applied to your own life and you take the necessary action can make a huge difference to how you feel and therefore how you react to situations you find yourself in. The atmosphere from the moment I walked through the door was welcoming and friendly which immediately put me at ease. The course was delivered in a very professional manner and I found it informative and fun.

I have been putting to good use the information and advice Lisa gave us and I have already noticed a difference; I now have a different attitude to my business and being a mum and realize that I can do both really well and that one aspect of my life need not suffer because of another. Lisa helped me regain myself belief and has given me something to build on.

I'd recommend this course to anyone who is trying to juggle their life, wearing several hats, and feeling that they need a little extra support to bolster their self belief and confidence. Brilliant! Well done!"

D. Webster

On the road to a bright and happy future!

"Attending the Confidence Course was a wonderful experience.  I am a wife, mum of 3, run my own business and I assist my husband with his companies paperwork and accounts.  I was totally overwhelmed with my life and severely lacking confidence.

I had lost sight of what was important in my life and my family and relationship were suffering.  Working with Lisa and a group of ladies was definitely inspirational.

Realising everyone has challenges in life, and that we were all so similar yet so different had a massive impact on me and assisted me to soul search and have the positivity to grow with the tools and information learnt throughout the course.

I have a clearer understanding of confidence, and with the knowledge, support and tools I feel Ive become more confident. I am now on a positive road to a bright and happy future; something I did not believe was ever possible again."

Kelly Waterhouse – Pigs 4 U

A whole new outlook…

"The Lisa Baker coaching experience has been immense for me. It has changed my perception about so much  my life, my business life, and the way I view other people too.

I can take a step back from my own personal and business issues and look at them differently, instead of being panic stricken as can often be the case with my heavy workload, I now relax, break it all down into manageable chunks and get through it with ease.

I appreciate more about my life, I can see others points of view and I'm more understanding and accepting of how people around me behave.

Now, if I'm faced with an issue that causes me to feel overwhelmed I can cope with ease, I don't mind being in my panic zone because I know I can bring it back; simply knowing that is quite empowering.

I'm not a different person now but I certainly have a whole new outlook, and I like it!"

Jane Hopkins – Mums Club

I now feel I can take on the world!

"Lisa has the perfect ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in talking about something that is uncomfortable – where you are going wrong. She provides uncomplicated tools which work with the most complicated of tasks and which help to focus your mind and energy on the things that matter and to not get bogged down in the things that don't.

Lisa has provided me with a huge amount of confidence at a point where I felt I couldn't go on and I now feel like I can take on the world! She was able to make me realise that there is no such thing as being a perfect mother, wife etc.

I still take on as many tasks as I did before but with Lisa's expert help and support I have been able structure this properly and have been able to be a mum and wife as well as a business owner and put them all in the order they should come.

I could not have achieved this without the help from Lisa – she is a mum who is in the "same boat" and "has been there" – she put me at ease straight away because I knew she knew where I was coming from and she did not think I was a failure – she saw potential and I'm so pleased that I put my faith in her to help me to turn my life around. Thank you Lisa for the excellent service and friendly voice which I so desperately needed!"

Rachel Knight – The Typing Co

Really increased my positivity and confidence…

"Having recently taken part in a Review and Refresh session with Lisa, I can really recommend this package and Lisa's upbeat, friendly approach.

She helped me recognise and celebrate my key skills and past achievements and successes, which really increased my positivity and confidence. I was then able, with Lisa's help, to set clearer goals for the future and to identify key tools and techniques for continuing to build on my positivity.

After the session, I felt really motivated, much more in control and ready to take the next steps towards making my business even more successful."