Are you a mum (or woman) in business that sometimes feels isolated by working alone?

Do you ever wish that you:

* Had more confidence in yourself and in your business?

* Could talk about your business to someone who understands?

* Knew how to effectively prioritise the demands you face each day?

* Felt supported by a group of women just like you?


Monthly Meetings, Steadfast Support

As mums (and women) in business, one of the most common issues we face is that feeling of isolation, having no one to share our doubts and worries with or celebrate our success and achievements.

That's why I wanted to start this group.

Meeting every month, for two hours, like-minded women can come together to share their experiences, learning from and supporting each other, whatever stage in their life and business they happen to be at. This includes a one-hour interactive workshop featuring a different topic each month.


Lisa' January Topic:

"This month I want to forget about the resolutions that always get forgotten about and find out how you can really power through in 2012.

We will begin by identifying what thoughts and behaviours held you back in 2011, finding out where your issues really lie and start shifting you out of those negative, limiting patterns.

This workshop will be all about making positive changes for real success and happiness in 2012!"

At "Motivating Me" Meetings you will always have a safe and supportive environment to come to and be surrounded by positive thoughts, new friendships and most of all have the opportunity to learn, change and grow.

Read what some of our members say:


"It is great to hear and share others' experiences.
It helps to motivate and focus you in a really positive way."

"A must for developing yourself, business and relationships with family/children.
Sharing experiences with like minded people for support."


If you would like to reserve your place just choose your ticket type and click on the Buy Now button below.
Remember if it's your first time the meeting will only cost you £5.

Or get £5 off if you are bringing a first time guest on your standard ticket.

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