Are You Hassled or Happy?

Starting or running a business, especially with a family to look after as well, can certainly leave you feeling hassled. And it's a shame, because when you thought about starting your own business it was to have more freedom, flexibility and above all, time with the children.

Are you asking yourself: "What happened?"

The mums I work with are thinking about starting or already run their own business. When they come to me they are most definitely hassled!

Their confidence is low, guilt is high, their motivation is lost and their energy fast disappearing – and all just because they are trying to juggle their business, their families and find time for themselves too!

And it's not just them, it's certainly not just you. I see a lot of women who come to me hassled. But the best thing is they leave HAPPY!


Taking you from Hassled to HAPPY

Clients who have experienced Hassled to Happy Coaching know just how coaching helped them to really get to the root cause of the challenges and issues they face, but more importantly, find the practical solutions to solve them.

Coaching will help you:

  • Get to the root cause of your challenges and issues
  • Find practical solutions to solve them
  • Look at your situation from a different point of view
  • Unblock any problems that have got you stuck
  • Give you control and confidence in your choices
  • Believe you can achieve


Working with an experienced coach and a mum in business just like you, will take you to a place of calmness, confidence and happiness where you feel in control of your business, without feeling guilty about your family, and most importantly without feeling internal conflict about managing the two, giving you time to find for YOU.

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