Business… Mum… You…

It's not just about being successful in business and it's not just about being a guilt-free mum. It's really about you combining those two parts of your life in way that brings you satisfaction, and allows you to become the confident, happy women you truly deserve to be.

It's not about separating it all out, but it IS about combining all aspects of your life, bringing a sense of calm and balance, so that you CAN have it all and enjoy it too!


Are you ready to go from Hassled to Happy?



As a business owner, you're more than just a mum.  You want to run your own business and be successful. My small business coaching will help you discover how to:

  • Plan, achieve and reward your success
  • Enhance your natural skills/talents
  • Visualize your dreams into reality
  • Design an exciting, visual business plan – that really works!
  • Face challenges without feeling overwhelmed
  • Enjoy what you do every day
  • Look forward to new success

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As a mum in business, we can sometimes suffer from feelings of guilt, poor time management and split focus, which ultimately can impact on our families. My parent coaching will help you learn how to:

  • Create true connection with your children
  • Build lifelong happy relationships
  • Establish boundaries giving mutual respect
  • Find that all important quality time
  • Enjoy family time to the full
  • Manage the mum/business balancing act and take back control
  • Let go of unnecessary guilt for not being the perfect mum (there's no such thing!)

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It's all too easy for us mums to put ourselves last, but it's vital that you learn to take some time for yourself and focus on your personal needs. My personal coaching will help you to:

  • Rediscover your confidence
  • Create a new identity you love
  • Find and have that all  important 'ME' time
  • Use your energy in healthy, rewarding and positive ways
  • Create that visual image your truly happy with
  • Discover your true passions and what your really want
  • Understand your own mind

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