About Lisa

I knew I wanted to set up my own business, after having my second child, to break free from the 9 to 5 of a 'regular' job and use the personal coaching diploma I had gained at the UK's leading training organisation for coaches: The Coaching Academy.

My goal setting skills were the best they could be, yet when the time came for me to start taking action towards them and set up my business, I never envisaged how challenging it would be.

The reason I wanted to work for myself in the first place was so I could create myself a life of: passionately enjoying what I do for a career, yet choose my own hours so I could spend time with my children, and enjoy being the type of mum I want to be, oh and in that find time to do things that I enjoy occasionally!

Oh Boy: the Conflict!

OH BOY! I cannot explain the conflict I felt. While working I was thinking I should be with the children, yet when with the children I was thinking I should be working.

I just felt so overwhelmed which led to my internal communication system playing havoc with me, and I felt stressed and out of control, not knowing what to do for the best.

I also stopped communicating with my husband, to the point that we stopped being friends. He was starting to resent me for how, in his eyes, I was making the family home unhappy. Talk about adding to the negative pressure!

Getting back on track

It just proves life, and the challenges it brings can take us all off track, and sometimes it's hard to know how to get back on that track as quickly as we'd like.

For me the biggest loss was my confidence. I was facing challenges I'd never faced before and was unsure how to tackle them.  I wanted my business to grow, yet I felt I lacked all the skills required to run it the way I wanted to run it, yet I did not have the money to get someone with the right skills to pay them to do it.

I lost connection with my husband and children and I started to feel angry with myself for allowing it to happen, but felt that tug of war over spending more time with the family (to re-connect) or work on my business. Plus my self-image, personality and drive hit an all time low.

Facing challenges positively

However, because of my coaching skills and experience, and the knowledge I had of how to help myself, I was able to start to prioritise those challenges, and tackle them in an order that would get my happiness back on track, get me out of that stressed out cycle and help me to start communicating in a useful and positive way.

The whole experience has made me want to share this with other mums, who are passionate about being the best mum they can be, yet still want to work for themselves doing something they really enjoy.

In fact, it's important to me that my clients feel comfortable when we speak, so I don't mind taking the time for an informal initial conversation, and it's important that they feel I'm the right coach for them!

My Qualifications and Training

I am a mum in business just like you. Not only that I am a qualified coach, having trained as a life protege member of The Coaching Academy. I have trained a range of coaching skills and techniques including:

  • Confidence Coaching
  • Parent Coaching
  • Financial Coaching
  • Power Pitching (presenting yourself positively and with confidence)
  • Building and sustaining motivation in clients
  • Myers Briggs type indicator
  • Goal Mapping (by Brian Mayne)

I also have a Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Small Business Diploma including Strategic Planning and Performance Evaluation.

To have a "no pressure" chat with me call 01827 269064.