Taking you from Hassled to Happy

"Just like you, I'm a mum in business and I know what it's like to want to have it all and enjoy doing it!

"My goal is to help you achieve a happy and successful balance between being a mum and running your own business and making sure that the YOU in you is happy too.

"My passion is to help, support and guide you with the right tools and coaching techniques so that you have the confidence and motivation to deal with whatever life may throw at you."


It's all about: Business… Mum… YOU…

  • Discover & decide on what you really want out of life

  • Successfully balance your different roles without the guilt trip!

  • Get clear, confident and calm on where you are headed

  • Forget about overwhelm and get motivated instead

  • Use communication skills for happier and more productive relationships (business & personal)

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A balanced and practical way forward

All my coaching sessions and packages work towards creating solutions and results that are completely relevant to you and really work with your family and business commitments.

  • Get to the root cause of your challenges
  • Find practical solutions and actions to move forward
  • Break down the 'big' problems into small manageable chunks
  • Build your own "toolbox" to deal with issues in the future
  • Start making changes straight away!

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Creating calm, confident and happy mums in business

My friendly, calm and confident coaching helps you relax, get a different viewpoint on your situation and start identifying the problems that have got you stuck. You will experience the benefits of how to use simple methods of thinking, feeling and behaving and what positive impact they'll have in your life.

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